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Hallucination of A Night with A Beer Bottle

Global Game Jam 2013 - Deborah

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This is the game that my group made during Global Game Jam 2013 in Singapore. The team members were me, Chunmun (@chunmun), Richard (@rgoulter), Vanessa and Sandra. The theme of the game jam was heart beat, so Richard came up with the idea of making a game in which the hero needs to sacrifice his HP to activate traps that kills the monsters. Quite a fun game. Was made on HTML5 and javascript, so no plugin needed.

Here's a video of the game:

For the game, go to: I embed it in iFrame down below. If there is any trouble with the iFrame, you could click on the striked link. Thanks to @rgrove and his project that you can play the game from the Github repo.

About the game:

More information about what I did for the game here: If you have any comments or questions, leave a comment in the blog post.


Move : Direction arrows
Action Button : Space bar